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Greater Capital District Dental Symposium Program   



Douglas B. Smail, DDS - "CBCT Guided Treatment Plan: It's Not Just For Implants Anymore"


Gregory Melita, Jr and Randy Mayall - "Understanding HIPAA, Cyber & Privacy Risks In Your Dental Office"



Bryan Harris, DMD – “Implant Dentistry in the Digital World”

No Handout for

Dr. Harris' course

James Kohner, DDS – “Crown Lengthening: Creating Predicable Restorations and Antimicrobial Treatment”




Dr. Daniel Pompa, DDS – “Update on Medical Emergencies: 2017 Actions and Algorithms for Medical Emergencies”

Condensed 33 pgs

Full 108 pgs

Nancy Dewhirst, RDH – Standing Up to Emerging Disease