Our Honored Members


Third District Dental Society Award Recipients


We are proud of the many Third District Members who have dedicated their time and efforts

for the betterment of our dental society and the dental profession

Without each of them and many others, our dental society would not be as successful as it is today.


Feltman - Hunn

Medal of Merit Award William B. Smith Award


2017 James DeBonis Adam Edwards

2016 Peter Collins  Vladimir Cubano

2015 Christopher Walsh Geoffrey Gamache

2014 Mark Pettrone   Steven Essig

2013     Kendra Zappia                          Howard Bresin

2012     Douglas Smail                          Lawrence Duda

2011 Adam Edwards Steven Messing

2010 Steven Essig Douglas Smail

2009 Bennett Lax Lawrence Busino

2008 James DeBonis Michael Kane

2007 Michael Tischler Christopher Walsh

2006 Reed Ference Jack Friedland

2005 Lawrence J. Busino Monica Mottolese

2004 Joseph Sullivan Thomas Finken

2003 Michael Kane Mark Weinberger

2002 Robert Hill, II Brian Kennedy

2001 Michael DeSanti, Sr. Andrew Wood

2000 Frederick Marra Richard Goliber

1999 John Essepian Lawrence Kotlow

1998 Thomas Finken David Delaney

1997 Mark Weinberger Mark Pettrone

1996 Brian Kennedy Peter Primomo

1995 Steven Fein Michael Sbuttoni

1994 Michael Lozman David Delaney

1993 Andrew Wood Robert Hill, II

1992 Marvin Kessler Gerard Ripp

1992 Carl Meyer Gene Primomo

1991 Ernest Reimann Leonard Miller

1990 Herbert Spieske Milton Siegal

1989 Lawrence Kotlow Alvin DeSiena

1988 Mario Catalano Steven Messing

1987 Robert Kahn Bruce Sorrin

1986 Edward Downes John Essepian

1985 Harry Binder --

1984 Paul Englert --

1982 Jeremiah Sachs --

1980 William B. Smith --

1979 Robert Olsen --

1978 Nathan Feltman --



Downes Ripp Award Edward Downes Award


2014 Christopher Walsh

2010 Mark Weinberger 1999 Nathan Feltman

2008     Lawrence Kotlow                       1996 Edward Downes

2007 Brian Kennedy

2005 Robert H. Hill, II

2001 John Essepian


Distinguished Service Award


2015 Richard Pauli

2014 Mission of Mercy Charpersons and Team Leaders

2007 Kathleen Moore




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