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2019 Award Recipients


President's Award

Dr. Alexander Choe

The Presidents’ Award

for outstanding service as

President of the Third District

from Sept 2018 to Sept 2019. 



The Downes - Ripp Award


Dr. Michael Kane and Dr. Bennett Lax

who both received the Downes - Ripp Award.

The Downes - Ripp award is the most prestigious award given to members in recognition of their untiring commitment for the Betterment of the Profession of Dentistry.


Dr. Kane and Dr. Lax have just completed 17 years chairing the Third District’s excellent Continuing Education programs.




The Feldman - Hunn Medal of Merit

Dr. David Delaney

The Feldman - Hunn Medal of Merit is in recognition of his exceptional leadership and munificent dedication to the perfection of the art and science of dentistry.

Dr. Delaney has dedicated many years serving in several positions with the Third District and the New York State Dental Association and as a Delegate to the ADA.




History of Third District Award Recipients

Do you know of a Third District Member, a person, group or community service program that may qualify for any of the recognition certificates from the tripartite?  Our members deserve recognition for their acts of generosity, the betterment of the profession and their extensive involvement in organized dentistry. 

Third District Awards:

William B Smith Award: In recognition of Dr. William Smith’s dedication to the profession of dentistry and his/her role model for the highest ethics standards in his/her years of involvement in dentistry.    

Feltman-Hunn Medal of Merit:  This award is a leadership award, not just for an active participant in the society. It is given to a member for exceptional leadership and dedication to the perfection of the Art and Science of Dentistry. 

Downes-Ripp Achievement Award: The Districts’ most prestigious member award for untiring commitment to dentistry, accomplishments of special note to the profession of dentistry. All of which contributes to the betterment of the profession of dentistry.  

Distinguished Service Award : Many times there is a person, group or organization that makes a contribution to the dental community that should be honored or acknowledged by the Third District Dental Society.  The criteria are similar to the Feltman-Hunn Medal of Merit.

  Download the Nominations Application:  Microsoft Word     Adobe PDF



Other Awards contact the district office for the nomination application.

ADA Certificate of Recognition for Volunteer Service is a Foreign Country: The Committee on International Programs and Development, a standing committee of the American Dental Association’s Board of Trustees believes that the personal effort and self-sacrifice of Association members who serve as volunteers in lesser developed countries to improve the health of their peoples merit professional and public appreciation and recognition. Their service, in the Committee’s view, is not only a contribution to the advancement of public health but to the creation of friendship and good will among professionals, though a small corps to date, constitute a mighty force for realization of the foregoing goals, since good health is basic to the enjoyment of all. The Committee will award a certificate of recognition.  The member must have served in a foreign country in a program sponsored by a dental school, church or other recognized voluntary or nonprofit organization for a minimum of 14 days, either in one period or in several visits, in any 24-month period. Deadline I March 31, 2008. 

ADA-Community Dentistry Award recognizes programs focused on improving oral health on the community level. This is a competitive award for established program, not a grant funding opportunity. Eligibility is limited to not-for-profit community dentistry programs in the US and its territories. Deadline is mid-May 2008. 

NYSDA William Jarvie and Harvey Burkhart Award is presented in recognition of great service and rendered mankind in the field of dentistry. It is the highest honor bestowed by the NYSDA. Nominees must have accomplished advancement in at least one of the following areas:

· Advancement of dental research

· Philanthropic endeavors in the field of dentistry

· Original contributions to the science and application of dentistry

.     Promotion of continuing dental education

NYSDA-The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual in recognition of numerous years of service and commitment to the NYSDA. The following criteria should be considered and weighed in making the determination:

· Contributions to NYSDA

· Contributions to organized dentistry as a whole

· Offices and positions held

· Length of the individual’s service






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