BLS-Infection Control

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Third District Dental Society


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Meeting Calendar

Executive Committee Meetings
6:30 pm District Office

May 6, 2019

June 7-9
NYSDA House of Delegates

ADA Annual Session
House of Delegates
September 4-9 CE

House of Delegates Sept 6-9
San Francisco, CA

CE Calendar


April 3

CE - Risk Management 6 pm Treviso at the Italian Community Center


April 12

February 1

CE - Sound Recession Proof Restorative Hygiene Practice: Integrating the Team and Creating the Value Dr. Lou Graham



April 5

BLS and Infection Control


May 10


Discover the Best Methods to Expose Radiographs Interpret Findings and Keep All Involved Safe Dr. Nancy Bouchard


May 3

BLS and Infection Control


September 26 and 27

Greater Capital District Dental Symposium - Albany Marriott