Our Leaders


Officers, Committee Chairs

NYSDA and ADA Representatives


President Mahogany Miles, DMD, MS
President Elect Alexander Choe, DDS MS
Vice President David Mitola, DDS
Treasurer Vladimire Cubano, DDS
Secretary Jane Fa Shieh, DDS
Immediate Past President Michael Maloney, DDS
Executive Director Kathleen Moore


District  Office Staff:

Administrative Assistant:  Justin Semerad

Standing Committee Chairmen and chairwomen

Awards: Douglas Smail

Budget & Finance:

Chemical Dependency: Lawrence Duda

Clinic & Arrangements: Alexander Choe

Constitution & By Laws: Douglas Smail

Continuing Education: Bennett Lax and Michael Kane  

Dental Benefits Programs: Shig Hosoyama

Dental Health, Health Planning & Hospital Dentistry: Jeffrey Sternlicht

Dental Practice: Gregory Lawless

Professional Liability Claims: Michael Pasquali  

District Information

David Mitola, Reporter NYSDJ

Alexander Choe, Directory Advertising Manager

Kathleen Moore, Web Design and E-Updates 

District Nominations: Alexander Choe 

Ethics: Christopher Arena                                

Governmental Relations: Robert Hill II    

Membership and Communications: Kendra Zappia 

Necrology: Jane Fa Shieh 

New Dentist: Morgan Fryer 

Peer Review & Quality Assurance: James DeBonis           

District Special Committees

Children’s Dental Health: Jane Shieh

Investments: Trustees: Christopher Walsh, Chairman, Val Cubano,

 Jane Fa Shieh

Committee: Mahogany Miles, Gabriel McGarry, Theodore Gialanella, Michael Maloney

Consultants: Mark Weinberger, Andrew Wood 

Planning Committee: Mahogany Miles 

Scholarship: Robert Hill II                        

ADA House of Delegates

Delegate: David Delaney and Mark Weinberger

Alternate Delegates:   Steve Essig and Gary Wadhwa

NYSDA House of Delegates and Officers

President: Lawrence Busino

Treasurer:  Mark Weinberger

Trustee: David Delaney

Delegates: Reed Ference, Adam Edwards, Anthony Ficara, Geoffrey Gamache, Michael DeSanti Jr.

Alternate Delegates: Steve Essig, Michael Maloney, Kendra Zappia, Theodore Gialanella 

NYSDA Representatives

Chemical Dependency: Lawrence Duda

Dental Benefit Programs: Shig Hosoyama

Dental Education and Licensure:  Gary Wadhwa

Dental Health Planning & Hospital Dentistry: Jeffrey Sternlicht

Dental Practice: Gregory Lawless

EDPAC: Geoffrey Gamache

Ethics:  Christopher Arena

Governmental Affairs: Robert Hill, II

Professional Liability Insurance: Michael Pasqualli

Membership and Communication: Kendra Zappia

New Dentist: Morgan Fryer

Nominations:  Reed Ference

Peer Review and Quality Assurance: James DeBonis

The Executive Committee consists of the officers, standing committee chairpersons, ADA Delegates and alternate delegates, NYSDA Trustee and Delegates and officers and past presidents, all past presidents of this society, members on the State Board for Dentistry, appointees of the president, president-elect and the executive committee, study group presidents 

Executive Committee meetings are held on the first Monday every other month:  September, November, January, March and May at 6 pm at the Third District office. All Third District members are invited to participate either in person or on web meeting site. 

Contact the Director@third-district.org to register.


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